Hand-drawn Illustrations

CUSTOM CARICATURE ILLUSTRATIONS are special orders created from photos. This unique art is the perfect gift for save-the-date, bosses day, groups, sports teams, graduation announcements, wedding invitations, Christmas cards, family reunions and more!

More detailed than party caricatures, these caricature illustrations are hand-drawn from photographs emailed by you. Individual photos can be combined into one large group. Original art can be framed or reproduced for greeting cards, invitations, t-shirts, letter-heads, gifts, cakes, business cards and more, with special copyright permission. Prices vary according to size and complexity.


  1. Head & Shoulders*
  2. Head & Shoulders Couple
  3. Head/ Body
  4. Head/Body Color
  5. #5-10 GROUPS- “The Works” -group discount applies. Contact Eileen for a quote
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